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We are looking to work with and promote companies who place innovation at the forefront of their mission. Organizations who want to change the conversation. Who are willing to take risks for the good of their customers and the world.

We have a passionate audience online and in our theater seats who dare to think differently and want to be a part of your change.

Speakers Who Dare is a speaking event that features big ideas, from daring speakers whohaveglobal impact. These ground-breaking thought-leaders are shifting the zeitgeist by changing how we think about the world and how we live in it.

Produced like a Broadway show by executive producer Tricia Brouk, Speakers Who Dare creates an experience of theatrical academia that inspires us to learn as we’re being entertained.

If you are a Sponsor Who Dares, we’d love to have a conversation about showcasing your innovation in a way that benefits us both, and changes the world in the process.

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