Big ideas.

Daring speakers.

Global impact.

Who Dare

is a groundbreaking speaker series produced like a Broadway show, featuring speakers from around the world who want to ignite change and inspire new ways of thinking.

Tricia Brouk &
Jamie Broderick

Tricia Brouk and Jamie Broderick, formerly of TEDxLincolnSquare, have teamed up to create a platform for the world’s most daring speakers to give voice to cutting edge ideas and life to transformative experiences that push the boundaries of thought and imagination.

Curated by 
award-winning Director Tricia Brouk, Speakers Who Dare is about big ideas and bold innovation. It’s about disrupting the status quo with a fresh format and speakers who mix courageous expression with theatrical entertainment. It’s about engaging and challenging and creating. It’s about trading preconceived notions for broadened horizons.

You are invited to be part of the 
Speakers Who Dare movement. Add your voice to the conversation and together, let’s dare to redefine what’s possible for ourselves and the world.

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