Broadway meets TEDx

in New York City

on March 24, 2020


TEDx-style talks + New York City performances

Hear the world’s most daring speakers give voice to cutting edge ideas that disrupt the status quo. This show promises a fresh format of courageous expression mixed with theatrical entertainment to redefine what’s possible.

Livestream was on Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Several of our speakers could no longer travel and our theater was shut down by the city of New York due to COVID-19 outbreak. We decided that the diverse and daring ideas still needed to be shared with the world, maybe more so than ever. We decided to launch a livestream platform and create a 3-hour movie of the talks, with some added creative expression, sure to inspire. (Please note that a handful of our performers planned for our show did not participate in the movie.)


Livestream Movie REPLAY available until 4/5/20

$22 for virtual access

The meaning of number 22 is “the power to achieve almost impossible things" and “the ability to turn the loftiest dreams into concrete realities", which is the mission of our speakers. Join us online for an incredibly daring experience.

Carol Lempert

Turn Stage Fright into Stage Might

If a psychiatrist and a cute librarian had a love-child it would be Carol Lempert. Carol leverages the stagecraft honed in her early career as an actress and playwright to help leaders increase their executive presence. A sought-after Leadership Development expert quoted in Forbes, Reader’s Digest, and The New York Times, Carol empowers her clients to tell better stories, improve their personal brand, and manage stage fright. Her ability to translate presence-amplifying skills from Broadway to the boardroom has landed her clients ranging from Google and JPMorgan to Harvard Executive Ed. (Yes, THAT Harvard. Her Mom is too proud.)

Ben Gioia

The Buddha Smile / How To Quit Suffering Now

Coach and consultant Ben Gioia (“joya”) believes that success and positive impact can go hand-in-hand. Ben is the creator of the Influence With A Heart™ Method, used by 30,000+ people worldwide. He speaks about and teaches people how to quit suffering, which he likes to call ‘The Buddha Smile’. Ben is a two-time best-selling author who’s helped a Fortune 100 shift culture, trained leaders at Stanford, and created an empathy video game with MIT. He leads retreats around the world and helps people turn their big ideas into best-selling books that supercharge impact while celebrating authenticity.

Marisa Zalabak

The Unique Role of Humanity in the Age of AI

Marisa Zalabak believes that instead of surrendering our humanity to artificial intelligence, we can find nurturing ways to adapt and thrive together. As an educational psychologist, social-emotional intelligence expert, creative learning specialist, and performing artist, Marisa believes people are still our greatest resource. She works as a leadership coach developing understanding of people systems and providing workshops in organizational culture and workplace wellness. Marisa’s fascination with the unique role of humanity and our relationship to artificial intelligence is also informed by her experience as a mother, searching for the best of what lies ahead of us all as humans.

Ameena Y. Majid

Compensation, Culture and Human Rights: Connecting Profit and Purpose

By combining her experience with executive compensation and passion for human rights, Ameena Y. Majid helps clients adapt to evolving societal and investor expectations on their businesses. Blending legal, practical, and human perspectives, Ameena uses her expertise as a business attorney to educate on the changing legal landscape of addressing human rights and translating it to policy and practice. Ameena has a deep belief that harmony exists when profits and purpose are aligned. Ameena is a director with Stop the Traffik USA, a nonprofit affiliate of Stop the Traffik, an international NGO dedicated to using technology to disrupt human trafficking.

Dave Thompson

A Hypocrite’s Guide To Normalizing Our Differences

Dave Thompson is an educator and innovator with an insatiable desire to see the world continue to evolve to be more inclusive of people labeled ‘different.’ An advocate supporting neurodivergent people for 10+ years, he brings unique insight into just how valuable yet undervalued, deserving and yet underserved the neurodivergent community is. A neurodiverse individual himself, Dave is the Director of Workforce Development for a leading non-profit autism employer where he helps provide supported job opportunities to people with Autism. His podcast, Sounds Like Autism, celebrates people’s differences and promotes a more inclusive world for all different kinds of minds.

Whitnee Hawthorne

Solving the Working Mother's Conundrum

Who in their right mind would work 98 of the 112 waking hours each week without overtime? Working moms do that every single week, and Whitnee Hawthorne is on a mission to see that they are valued and supported for it. A professional speaker, author, and Fortune 500 executive, Whitnee is a Mama to one with another on the way. She’s an expert in time management and productivity, and has been called a self-care guru. Whitnee founded The Savvy Working Mom as a platform to help working moms thrive in every arena so they can create a vibrant, joyful life.

Marc Cordon


Joy can be dangerous. Marc Cordon, MPH gets this. A positive psychology coach and co-founder of The Joy Revolution™ Marc coaches misfit entrepreneurs and leaders who march to the beat of their own drum to claim their joy as they make a difference for others. He’s appeared on national television and radio and delivered two TEDx talks on positive psychology. The author of Beyond Resilient: The Coach’s Guide to Ecstatic Growth, Marc served as Associate Director of Health Promotion and Multicultural Programs & Services at Emory University where he developed programs on social justice, positive psychology, and community engagement.

Alexis Fuentes

Someone Out There Wants Me to Be Here

Motivational guide and spiritual teacher Alexis Fuentes combines passion, intellect, and warmth to offer messages of healing and hope from the stage. With her experience as a missionary, single mom, expat, lover and friend, Alexis weaves together stories that enliven the incredible adventure that is the life of faith, and reminds us of our shared brokenness and shared beauty.  Educated at Seton Hall University, Alexis has spoken at two consecutive Speaker Salons curated by award-winning director Tricia Brouk in NYC. Alexis lives with her four ridiculously awesome children in Morristown, NJ, and loves making bad day soup for her son.

Dr. Kristina Hallett

You're Not an Imposter, You're Human

Board-certified clinical psychologist. Associate professor at Bay Path University. Executive coach. TEDx speaker. Author. Podcast host. And overturner of misconceptions. Dr. Kristina Hallett offers a fresh look at our commonly held beliefs about well-being, serving as a catalyst for change by inviting shifts in mindset, perspective, and everyday practices. Dr. Hallett’s innovative approach incorporates research and practicality to help professionals make stress work to their advantage. She spends her time travelling throughout the US and abroad to speak on harnessing the positive power of stress, self-compassion and radical self-care (and finding cool shoes and boots wherever she goes).

Louise Monger

We are Talking Ourselves OUT of Happiness!

“Are you ON something!??” TV Host and MC Louise Monger’s natural exuberance has prompted this question more than once. She’s here to say that happiness is a beautiful state that we shouldn’t subconsciously talk ourselves out of! Born in London, Louise moved to Chicago in 2011. A successful entrepreneur, business owner, and life-long lover of the Arts, she’s worked in TV and on stage from an early age, and her portfolio includes an eclectic mix of roles. Louise holds a certificate from Yale University on the Science of Well-Being, and as a motivational speaker she inspires others to embrace happiness.

Kate MacKinnon

Women, Aging and Visibility

Former Vice President of JP Morgan Chase, Kate MacKinnon also ran her own management technology company before answering her call to help women re-discover their inner desires, manifest the life of their dreams, and ultimately step into their power and greatness. With a focus on being and staying visible throughout a lifetime, Kate is passionate about overturning the myths and misconceptions about women, aging, and visibility. In her work as a certified Feng Shui Practitioner, Kate combines the eastern practice of Feng Shui with a western aesthetic to create spaces of elegance and beauty that also transform lives.

Emma Cullen

Leading on the Lake: Building the Confidence of Young Girls at Summer Camp

Emma Cullen found out she was weird when she was 8 years old at summer camp. It was there she developed her sense of self and purpose. As a camp counselor herself now, Emma is able to help foster environments for other young girls to grow. The confidence and independence that Emma found at camp gave her the courage to follow her dream of being an actor. A creative spirit always looking for ways to express her individuality and unique gifts, Emma is currently studying Performing Arts at Savannah College of Art and Design, and is still weird today.

Zach Messler

The Importance of Being Heard

Some of the greatest things to ever happen…won’t. Zach Messler wants to change that. See, Zach had a 20-year career in technology product marketing, teaching non-technical sales pros to explain complex software to executive buyers. As attention spans and buying behaviors evolved before his eyes, Zach learned first-hand about the importance of being heard…and how to achieve it. A messaging and positioning advisor with a knack for what to say and how to say it, Zach believes some of the greatest things to never happen, should. And it’s the power of messaging that makes all the difference.

Sophia Remolde

Co-creating a New Earth Through Energetic Transmissions

What’s in a name? If you’re Lobsterbird, a lot. Lobsterbird is a hybrid mythical creature who assists awakening beings to embody their fullest human potential. Lobsterbird Sophia Remolde carries out this mission by guiding spiritual creatives on pilgrimage to level up their businesses, heal their lives, and fulfill their soul calling. Sophia is an energy healer and wormhole coach empowering the realization of dreams at warp speed. A co-creator of compassionate social action projects, performative experiences that uplevel consciousness awareness, and media platforms amplifying the presence of changemakers, she helps visionaries unleash their soul sovereignty and change the world.

Lindsey Ellison

The Cure for Loving a Narcissist

After 17 years of being married to a narcissist, Lindsey Ellison is here to tell us we can get out of emotionally abusive relationships. A relationship coach and founder of Start Over Coaching, Inc., Lindsey specializes in helping people navigate divorce or break up. She’s the author of the best selling book, MAGIC Words: How to Get What You Want from a Narcissist and articles for publications such as Psychology Today, Mind Body Green, and Huffington Post. Fun fact! Her work is even referenced in Wikipedia’s definition of “gaslighting.” Lindsey resides in Annapolis, MD with her husband and two sons.

Antesa Jensen

The Original Gangster of Integrity

Antesa Jensen is an emotional intelligence expert who loves to shift paradigms through pitch perfect truth-telling. She is masterful in the art of weaving potent and precise energetic transmission through eloquent spoken word and captivating moments of silence in ways that dismantle the intellect and pierce straight to the heart of things, instantly unlocking hidden potential and the kind of resonance in connection we all crave. Antesa specializes in facilitating fundamental transformation — as well as cultivating these innate human skills in others — through keynote speeches, EQ workshops, expedition-style intensives through her company Adventure Awake, and 1:1 coaching.

LeRon L. Barton

The Talk: What Black Parents Tell Their Children for Survival

LeRon L. Barton is an author, writer, and speaker who talks about race in America. He has written two books and has had numerous essays published about racism, mass incarceration, politics, and dating. LeRon has given talks about race, living with a stutter, overcoming struggles, and the power of telling your story, and provides diversity consulting to companies. LeRon believes that in order to fight racism in America, we have to be honest about it. He insists that we talk about bigotry, learn how it impacts the world we live in, and call it out when we experience it.

Susan Eckstein

Redefining Motherhood Dares Us to Be Better Parents

Susan Eckstein is an empowerment coach and speaker who knows a little something about doing hard things: she’s performed the most difficult flute concertos, completed three Ironmans, left the corporate world to teach spin, and is now talking openly about her decision to become a non-custodial mother. Susan specializes in helping moms step into their badassery so they can define motherhood for themselves and show up more powerfully for their children. Susan has coached hundreds of people to successfully achieve their once impossible goals, and is passionate about empowering non-custodial parents to create their own unique relationships with their kids.

Alexandra Stockwell

How Being Scientific Led Me to Great Sex

Alexandra Stockwell is a Physician turned Relationship and Intimacy Expert who believes the key to passion, fulfillment, and intimacy isn’t compromise–it’s being unwilling to compromise. A wife of 24 years and mother of four, Alexandra guides men and women towards the freedom to be themselves, because it’s when we feel loved for who we are that our relationships become juicy, nourishing, and deeply satisfying. Through Conscious Partnerships, Alexandra helps couples infuse pleasure and purpose into all aspects of life—from the daily grind of running a household, to clear and intimate communication, to ecstatic experiences in the bedroom!

Dr. Elizabeth M. Celi

It Takes Guts for Co-Operation to Outshine Competition

Einstein, Tesla and Jung walk into a bar. Dr. Elizabeth Celi, men’s mental health psychologist, media commentator and filmmaker, overhears Jung counselling these scientists. They feel misunderstood. Tired of their equations and inventions being all people see in them. Exhausted from competing. They just want to share their cooperative genius, and Jung shows them how. Dr. Celi vows to bring Jung’s groundbreaking psychology into the 21st century to promote a world where the genius of our unique competitive edge and soul-level strengths lead to collaboration instead of competition. Inspired by cooperation, the light bulb goes off for Einstein and Tesla.

Lucas Turner

Immersion Yields Collaborative Empathy

A busy open-air market in Kathmandu. A ballpark in Kansas City. A mud-brick home in Kasungu. Lucas Turner’s travels have immersed him in the life and culture of 37 countries, many of which he visited to help build primary schools within impoverished communities through his work with buildOn. They’ve also shown him firsthand the transformative power of solidarity and empathy. A proud LGBTQ+ advocate even in the most unlikely of places, Lucas has found that authentic immersion and connection can be the catalyst for understanding our unique intersectionalities, without necessarily having to agree with each other.

Anne Waple

Writing Earth’s Next Chapter

Helping people do good for the planet and their communities while doing well in their institutions and businesses may be a tall order in our current climate challenge, but that’s what motivates Dr. Anne Waple. As a climate scientist for 25 years – in government, nonprofits, and now private practice – Anne believes passionately that when we just focus on problems, we don’t actually solve them. Driving positive, big, lasting global change starts when we ask questions about the world we want and believe we can have fun making it happen. That’s how we can all co-author Earth’s Next Chapter!

Show Talent

Terri Trespicio

Stand-up Comic and Host

Terri Trespicio is an award-winning writer, speaker, and brand advisor who helps professionals of all stripes harness their creative genius to become better leaders. Her TEDx talk, “Stop Searching for Your Passion,” has more than 5 million views. She was recently named by Hubspot as one of the “Top 18 female speakers who are killing it” and cited as one of the world’s leading creatives by Creative Boom magazine. A former magazine editor and radio host at Martha Stewart, she has appeared on the Today show, Dr. Oz, The Early Show, The Martha Stewart Show and The Anderson Cooper Show. Her work has been featured in Oprah magazine, Marie Claire, Jezebel, Prevention, Business Insider, Forbes and Inc. She leads several events and retreats each year for people who want to surface their own creative genius. An in-demand, top-rated speaker, Terri is also a stand-up comic.

Cheo Bourne


Cheo Bourne is an actor, singer and cabaret artist who toured for 3 years internationally with the famed singing group The Platters. His cabaret works include Moy-Borgen and Bourne’s Office Party, Touche, HELLO, Never Far From Home, You and I, Journey Home and Get Ready. He was the first runner up in Mama’s Next Big Act competition 2016 at Don’t Tell Mama’s. Cheo’s regional theater credits include Shine! and The Water Dream (New York Musical Theater Festival); The Battles (The Gym at Judson); Xanadu, Jerry Springer – The Opera (SpeakEasy Stage Co.); Passing Strange, Hot Mikado, Cabaret (New Repertory Theater); Of Mice and Men, Animal Farm (New Rep On Tour); Harriet Jacobs (Underground Railway Theater); HONK! (Wheelock Family Theatre, Best Actor IRNE and Broadway World Award nominations); and The Comedy of Errors (Commonwealth Shakespeare Co.).

Stephanie Simpson


Stephanie Simpson is an artist, coach, speaker and educator who has taught around the world. She is the Dance Director and Director of Coaching at Riverdale Country School, freelances as a musical theatre choreographer/performer, and is one of the Co-Founders/Artistic Directors of Reject Dance Theatre, a contemporary modern dance company based in NYC/Boston. She applies her education and expertise in psychology, dance, theatre, yoga, and meditation as an executive coach specializing in leadership, stress management and company culture for business professionals through her company, Stephanie Simpson Coaching.

Elisa Galindez


Elisa Galindez is a queer, Latinx, Bronx native, and NYC based actor, singer, dancer, and director. Her previous credits include: Head Over Heels (Pamela, Dirty Minds Theatre Co.), West Side Story (Rosalia, The Maltz Jupiter Theatre), Evita (Ensemble, Bay Street Theater), and Hair (Dionne u/s, Dir. Joey Murray). TAKE SPACE. STAY IN YOUR MAGIC!

Heather Hamilton


Heather Hamilton graduated from New World School of the Arts. As a former member of Dance Theatre of Harlem, Complexions Contemporary Ballet and Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet, Heather has performed works by Ohad Naharin, George Balanchine, William Forsythe, Alonzo King, Dwight Rhoden, Jacopo Godoni, Doug Varone, Geoffrey Holder, Billy Wilson, Tricia Brouk and many more. She has appeared on the covers of all three major dance magazines: POINTE, DANCE, DANCER; and can be seen in the movies “Center Stage,” “One Last Dance,” “Musical Chairs” & “Winter Tale.” Broadway-Twyla Tharp’s “Come Fly Away.” After retiring from dance, she now applies her passion for movement to an in-home celebrity training business that she founded.

Gisela Adisa


Gisela Adisa is a singer who has performed on Broadway in Beautiful: The Carole King Musical and in the national tour of Sister Act, as well as in regional theater including Lights Out: Nat ‘King’ Cole where she received an Ovation Award nomination for Best Featured Actress and Man of La Mancha where she received CT Critics Circle Awards nominations for Best Actress. Gisela is also an actress who has appeared in television and film and a member of the Tony Award winning choir, Broadway Inspirational Voices. She holds a BA in Arts for Drama from Fordham University.

Dr. Cherie A. Ward

Performer of Spoken Word

Dr. Cherie A. Ward is an award-winning filmmaker, music composer, orator and performance poet who has been published with the United States Smithsonian Hirshhorn Museum’s Educational Department and the author of a book of poetry, Cherie Ward-One Voice: Empowerment Poetry Echoing Realities of Life, which was rewritten for television and nominated for a Gracie Award from the Women in Arts and Film organization. Cherie is currently the Media Program Director for Archbishop Carroll High School, Director of Communications and Educational Media Content Producer for the Whole Genome Science Foundation, and Adjunct Professor of Public Speaking with the University of the District of Columbia. Cherie is a former Miss District of Columbia and Miss America Pageant representative, the co-founder and former Executive Producer for TEDxHowardUniversity, and the Producer of TEDxLeDroitPark in Washington, DC.

Stephanie McAuliffe


Stephanie McAuliffe is an Illuminator. As a speaker, healer and guide, she lights a path for us to shed the stories that have held us back, and inspires us to connect more deeply with our heart’s calling. After leaving a 27-year career on Wall Street, her mission is to guide humanity to the powerful magic of a paradigm beyond the energy of addiction. Stephanie is an avid cyclist, nature enthusiast, and a lover of art and live music

CeCe and Jason Van Orden

Singer and Guitarist

Whether in her living room, in the classroom, on the train platform, eight-year-old Calliope (CeCe) is always singing, dancing, and directing her friends to produce original works for any stage she can find. Her father Jason—once a songwriter, performer, and would-be rockstar in his youth—has looked forward to the day he could perform live with his daughter, something she finally allowed him to do for her first-grade talent show. Since then, this father-daughter duo has enjoyed taking the stage together to share their love of music.

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