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Speakers Who Dare


We are committed to giving a platform to speakers who have daring ideas that need to be heard.

When you share your message from our stage, it creates the ripple effect that is needed to ignite change the world.

We are committed to not only creating an extraordinary event, but sharing your ideas globally.

The recorded talks will be shared on the Speakers Who Dare social media channels as well as featured on our TV broadcasting channel on BINGE Networks TV, with syndication on 50 platforms including Apple TV, Sony, Roku, Google Play, and more.

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Speaker applications will open in September

Our Daring Speaker Alumni

Marc Cordon

A Revolution of Joy

Mari Carmen Pizzaro

The Impact of The Self Imposed Glass Ceiling

Dr. Kristina Hallett

Watching a Talk Happen

Jason Harris

The Power of Storytelling

Nydia Han

Creating Community

Tracey Wik

The Influence in a Zip Code

Rachit Kansal

How a Mass Mobilization of Art Can Save Our Planet

Amy O’Neill

Beyond Survival: Resiliency Redefined

Rocco Cozza

The Practice of Kindness

Stephanie Simpson

Artists Can Save the World

Theresa Nguyen

Immigration: a Lack of Access to the American Dream

Jazz Biancci

A Talk Happens

Sarah Nannen

Being a Renegade Widow

Mike Shereck

Man Up

Alexis Fuentes

For The Love of Hate

Terence A. Monahan

The Importance of Neighborhood Policing

Tonya Harris

Discrimination and Mental Health

Marla Schultz

Becoming an Accidental Advocate

George Andriopoulos

(Not Just) For Profit

Charreah K. Jackson

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